Welcome to the Springfield Retirement Castle!

1. What job is Grampa retired from?
Military Barber
Cranberry Silo Night Watchman
Bakery Supervisor
Las Vegas Line Dancer

2. What was the name of Grandpa's girlfriend? Bea Simmons Lurleen Lumpkin Sasperella Suzy Evelyn Peters Danielle McChase

3. How did she die?? Heart transplant failure The common cold Natural causes Burst ventricle Explosion of the esophagus

4. Who does God dislike? Hans Moleman Homer Simpson Reverend Lovejoy Edna Krabappel

5. What is the catburglar's name Frank Sam Anonymous Matlock Molloy

6. What was Hans Moleman's last meal? Lobster Tail Chop Suey A Country Singer Shrimp Cocktail

7. Who is Jericho? Crazy man at the Retirement Castle. Operator of a couterfeit jeans ring. A last name on one of Bart's prank phone calls. Otto's uncle.

8. Who does the voice of Jasper? Hank Azaria Dan Castellaneta Russi Taylor Harry Shearer Phil Hartman

9. What is Jacqueline Bouvier's most
embarrasing moment?
Being arrested for indecent exposure in 1923. Homer J. Simpsons' marriage to her daughter. Stabbing herself with a toothpick. None of the Above

10. Who is Mr. Teeny One of Mr. Burns "hired goons". A monkey Lisa's pen pal A thug for Fat Tony