Welcome to the Springfield Retirement Castle!

Here is the most compehensive list of residents living here at the Springfield Retirement Castle:

Abraham Simpson
Former Occupation: Cranberry Silo Watchman
Daily Medication Intake: 2 red pills and 1 yellow.
Greatest Achievment: Climbing The Murderhorn.
Quote: "I can dress myself."

Former Occupation: Military Seargent, 2nd class.
Daily Medication Intake: 5" blue drytexaria capsule.
Greatest Achievment: Stealing a newspaper from Abe.
Quote: "Lollipop, lollipop, oo lolli-lolli-lolli-lollipop.

Crazy Old Man
Former Occupation: Filmmaker
Daily Medication Intake: Prozac.
Greatest Achievment: Dropping his pants and sang on TV.
Quote: "Hey! Don't scratch up them heads!"

Mrs. Spencer
Former Occupation: Homemaker
Daily Medication Intake: 3 blue, and 6 yellow.
Greatest Achievment: Having her family remeber her.
Quote: "Oh, I knew they woudn't forget me."

Former Occupation: Radish farmer
Daily Medication Intake: 3 red, 1 blue, 1 green.
Greatest Achievment: Eating Conroy's underwear.
Quote: "Mmmmmmmmm."

Former Occupation: Clothing Designer
Daily Medication Intake: Blood pressure pills.
Greatest Achievment: Building the first tye-dye shoelace.
Quote: "Who ate my underpants!?"

Former Occupation: Watermelon Delivery Person
Daily Medication Intake: 7 cups of cherry-flavored cough syrup.
Greatest Achievment: Drinking 7 gallons of cough syrup in one day.
Quote: "Aw, crap! More hooligans after my medicine!"

Former Occupation: Hired Goon
Daily Medication Intake: Steroids.
Greatest Achievment: Beating up President Hoover.
Quote: "WHERE'S MY APPLES!!??"

Former Occupation: Stableboy
Daily Medication Intake: 5 purple capsules, 3 green squares.
Greatest Achievment: Feeding over 5 tons of hay to one horse in a week.
Quote: "I was the greastest horeman in my day. People would come from miles around to see me ride a horse."

Former Occupation: Architect
Daily Medication Intake: 5 tan ones.
Greatest Achievment: Stabbing her brothers eyes out with a 5' stick.
Quote: "Saddle down, we're going down the river!"

Bea Simmons(deceased)
Former Occupation: Rich Entrepreneur
Daily Medication Intake: Substantial.
Greatest Achievment: Falling in love with Abe Simpson.
Quote: "I'm not here to scare you. They got me haunting a family in Texas."

Occupation: Catburglar
Daily Medication Intake: None.
Greatest Achievment: Stealing the world's largest cubic zarconia.
Quote: "Although I've stolen your material goods, let me assure you that your dear town has stolen my heart."