Welcome to the Springfield Retirement Castle!

Here it is. The guide to Springfield's favorite cat & mouse team: Itchy and Scratchy!

Itchy and Scratchy's antics have entertained us all for so many years, it's about time their works have been given tribute.

All of the works from I&S Studios are listed below, including a couple written by the SRC's own Abe Simpson (we think). Enjoy!

note: films are listed in order as appearing on The Simpsons

"Burning Love"
Scratchy lies in a hammock. Itchy shoots him in the rear with a flaming arrow.
"Let Them Eat Scratchy"
Scratchy chases after Itchy with a rapier. Itchy traps Scratchy in a guillotine and chops off his head. He then blows up the severed head with dynamite.
"Hold That Feline"
Sctrachy catches an exploding football kicked by Itchy. He then gets tackles by several large football players.
"Kitchen Kut-Ups"
Itchy and Scratchy hit each other with mallets. Itchy then stabs Scratchy with knives.
"Messenger of Death"
Itchy hits Scratchy in the back of his head, knocking out his eyballs. Scratchy then picks up two cherry bombs, and puts them i place of his eyes. He goes to comb his hair, then blows up.
"Porch Pals"
Itchy and Scratchy share lemonade.
"Sundae Bloody Sundae"
Itchy puts Scratchy into a cup, then blends him and serves him as a drink.
"Bang the Cat Slowly"
Itchy ties a box with a bomb to Scratchy's tongue. Scratchy swallows, and the box blows off his head.
"O Solo Meow"
Scratchy eats a meatball that is a bomb. He runs into the doorframe, knocking off his head. His body then explodes.
"The Sound of Silencers"
Itchy shoots several cats with a machine gun.
"My Dinner With Itchy"
Scratchy drinks a glass acid. As he burs up, Itchy throws acid in his face. Blinded, Scratchy runs into the street, where he is hit by a car.
"Field of Screams"
Itchy and son run over Scratchy and son on a tractor. Then they play catch with Scratchy's head.
"House of Pain", Or "This Old Mouse"
Itchy ties Scratchy to a post of a house he's building. He then nails a picture through his head.
"Cat Splat Fever"
Scratchy jump don a well to save Itchy, but lands in an alligator's jaws. His angel goes up to a brick in the well that Itchy is standing on, where he gets shot in the head.
"I'm Getting Buried in the Morning"
Itchy and his bride gets their heads sliced off at the wedding, by Itchy's hat.
"Flay Me to the Moon"
Itchy ties Scratchy's tongue to a rocket, which gets wrapped around the moon. The tongue retracts, pulling the moon onto the house.
"Steamboat Itchy"
Itchy shoots Scratchy's kneecaps and kicks him into the furnace.
"100-Yard Gash"
Itchy nails Scratchy's tail down before a race. Scratchy takes off without his skin and wins.
"Kitty Kitty Bang Bang"
Itchy catches Scratchy's tongue to the ball return in a bowling alley. He then bowls a bomb, which comes into Scratchy's mouth, blowing him up.
"My Bloody Valentine"
Itchy gives Scratchy his own heart as a valentine. Scratchy learns later he needs a heart to live, and dies before he can reach it.
"Dazed and Confused"
Itchy hits Scratchy with a mallet.
"Little Barbershop of Horrors" (by Abe Simpson)
Itchy puts BBQ sauce and flesh-eating ants on Scratchy's head. Then he lifts Scratchy's head through the ceiling, where Elvis shoots him.
"Screams from a Mall" (by Abe Simpson)
Itchy nails Scratchy to an escalator. After his skin comes off Itchy sells it. Scratchy takes it back and leaves the mall, when he is beaten by animal rights activists.
Untitled, with Guest Director Oliver Stone
Black and white. Scratchy is shot by Itchy a la Lee Harvey Oswald.
"Germs of Endearment"
Itchy ties a brick to Scratchy's throat, then throws it out the window. Scratchy jumps after it, and lands on a cactus.
"Spay Anything"
Itchy tricks Scratchy into getting spayed. The laser slices Scratchy to pieces.
"Burning Down the Mouse"
Scratchy puts an unusually large of explosives around Itchy. The Simpsons TV gets unplugged. The cartoon is over when it comes back on.
"Ahhhh! Wilderness!"
Itchy makes Scratchy into a tent, which is struck by lightining.
"Scar Trek: The Next Laceration"
Itchy pops out of Scratchy's stomach and shoves him out the airlock. He chops Scratchy in half with Saturn's rings, then pops his head after removing his helmet.
"The Buck Chops Here"
Scratchy get chopped into dollar bills at the US Mint. He is then burned by dogs in suits.
"Planet of the Aches"
Scratchy goes on a planet of Itchy's with telekinetic powers. The lead him to an arena, where he is sliced by sharp objects.
"The Last Traction Hero"
Itchy pokes a buff Scratchy repeatedly with a needle, causing Scratchy to bleed heavily. Itchy then chops off his muscles with a chainsaw.
"Four Funerals and a Wedding"
Scratchy is getting married. Itchy replaces the woman with a bride made of bombs. When they are old, she explodes, killing Scratchy. Itchy runs out and has a heart attack.
"Skinless in Seattle"
Itchy drops stuff off the Space Needle, all miss Scratchy below. Itchy then cuts the space Needle in half, and it lands in Scratchy's eye.
"Foster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!"
Itchy is at Scratchy's door, posing as a baby. He then breaks his bottle in half and stabs scratchy, right before he steals the TV and runs off.
"Esophagus Now"
Itchy serves Scratchy's stomach to him a food. Scratchy eats the same piece over and over again. Itchy gives him the $100 bill, and Scrachy's head explodes.
"Remembrance of Things Slashed"
Scratchy's ghost comes before Itchy, who freezes him, and uses his eyballs as ice cubes.
"Good Cats, Bad Choices"
Itchy approaches Scratchy with a broken bottle on a talk show. Cartoon is interupted by special report.
"Reservoir Cats", with Special Guest Director Quentin Tarantino
Itchy dances around Scratchy, soaks him in gasoline, then cuts off his ear. Tarantino comes out, and Itchy cuts off his head.
"Why Do Fools Fall in Lava?"
Itchy makes Scratchy bungee jump into a volcano using his intestine. Scratchy dangles just above the lava, until he is consumed by flames after Itchy pours gasoline through the other end of his intestine.
"The Beagle Has Landed"
Itchy and Scratchy go towards a fireworks factory. Then Poochie shows up and drives off with their car.
"Deaf Comedy Blam!"
Scratchy's head explodes in a hospital, causing his neighbor to go, "Shhhh!"